YOHFest Mandurah 2018

An action packed, exciting weekend away with 12 happy and lovely Waggrakine Primary School Year 5 and 6 students heading from Geraldton to Mandurah as YOHFest 2018 finalists. Our Waggy Step Stomp students piled in the bus at school at 7.50 am with 5 staff on Saturday Morning. On our drive down we saw the peacocks at Badingarra and found a chocolate factory with free samples in the Swan Valley before arriving at the beautiful grounds of Fairbridge complete with cows, kangaroos, horses, peacocks and rosellas. After checking out our 17 bed, 2 story heritage house and the picturesque grounds we changed ready to head into Mandurah. Arriving at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre at 4.30 for rehearsals, a quick dinner at Hans Cafe on the harbour then back for the final performance. Our kids, one of only two Primary school performances, rocked the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Stage and received the loudest applause of the evening! Other school acts were excellent and we were fortunate to see such great performances. We were also lucky to have a nan and pop and a dad turn up too, much to the excitement of two of our girls.

In the morning, after being woken by the singing kookaburras looking after their baby down on the steps, we packed our bags and headed for Pinjarra were we had spotted a huge playground the afternoon before. We found the playground and an old machinery museum in Pinjarra before heading to Perth. The kids voted to go home through the city, some never having seen Perth before so we took them to Kings Park where they marvelled at the view, train stations, trains, high risers, the flowers, gardens, a sea plane that took off and landed and much more. Then off to K-Mart toy section before we piled back in the bus back home! An action packed two days with lots of laughter and fun! Thanks to Mrs Marchant for arranging such a great opportunity for Craig to give up his weekend to drive the bus! Thanks to Ms Turner, Mrs Ramsay and Ms Barnes for looking after us.

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