Carnival 2014

A big thanks to the Waggrakine community for coming along and cheering on and making carnival day a great day. A super effort from our P&C in arranging the food stall for the day, a great success and some hard workers doing full day shifts, sensational support, thanks all! Well done to our students who showed great sportsmanship all day, and made us very proud as many students reached milestones and achieved great results in their personal bests. We were very proud of how our students behaved all day. Thanks to those entering the staff, student and parent race, well done! Thanks to those parents in the background who bought in much of the food that helped the P&C stall be so successful. Thanks to staff for a great job in preparing and running the day.

Congratulations to our champions and well done to our teams, with Jiddee Jiddee at 872 points, Winjee at 753, Karra at 741 and Jindarndee at 685.

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One Response to Carnival 2014

  1. Kacey says:

    Go Jidde Jiddee, hope we win 2015 good luck!

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