Waggy’s Netball winners!

Waggrakine Sub Junior Netball Season 2013
This year, Waggrakine entered 4 teams into the sub junior netball competition thus beginning the season with a Net Set Go (formally Netta), Year 5, year 6 and Year 7 team. The season comprised of 14 rounds and had schools from all over Geraldton and the Midwest competing. Early on in the season the Net Set Go team was moved down a level and the Year 5 were moved up a level. The year 6 and 7 teams remained in their levels. The Net Set Go team has enjoyed learning the skills necessary to play a game of netball and has some promising netballers within it. The year 5 team have had a tough but fun season continuing to refine their skills. The year 6 and year 7 teams have had a great season with both teams undefeated. A big congratulations to the year 7 team who won the shield at the final game last Saturday 14th September 2013.

Thank you to all the coaches and the umpires for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge each week. Thank you also to the parents for making sure all players make training and the game each week and a big thank you to all the players for being good sports and playing fairly this year.

Dev Wise (Waggrakine Sub Junior Netball Coordinator)

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