Waggrakine shines at Education Awards

State’s best honoured at WA Education Awards
5 December 2011

THE State’s top teachers, principals, support staff and schools were announced this morning at the WA Education Awards 2011.

Waggrakine Primary School scored a hat-trick at the awards, winning WA Primary Principal of the Year (Lis Turner), WA Beginning Teacher of the Year (Paula Moses), and WA School Support Staff Member of the Year (Tania Crick). The school also had Alison Watt in the state finalists of the top four in the Primary Teacher of the Year category.

Tania has been a welcoming face for students, parents and staff of Waggrakine Primary School for more than 20 years.

Originally appointed as the school’s Aboriginal and Islander education officer, she has worked within the local Aboriginal community to support their children at school.

Following her appointment as education assistant, students have blossomed and parents are now involved in classes and enjoy watching their children succeed.

Tania said she was “amazed, honoured and overwhelmed” to be selected for the award.

“A typical day in the classroom starts with helping students with shared reading and core words, and working on their phonemic awareness – recognising the sounds in words,” she said.

“Every time a student gets one of their core words right, they get a tick, and after five ticks they can get a reward from the treasure box.”

Tania said she worked closely with the class teacher and together they enjoyed helping their students achieve. She spends time helping individual students with their literacy skills.

Her Aboriginal background also resonated well with Aboriginal students who felt very comfortable to approach her with questions.

“I love my work – knowing that I can make a difference in children’s lives. It is important to believe in yourself, work as a team and be passionate about what you do,” she said.

The judges described Tania as having an “inspirational level of resourcefulness and imaginative input’ into the school”.

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