Australian Orangutan Project visit waggrakine

week 5, term 3, 2011

On Tuesday, August 23 Mr Bill Waterer visited Waggrakine Primary School. Mr Waterer is the state representative and secretary of the Australian Orangutan Project. Mr Waterer spent the afternoon at Waggrakine PS speaking to classes about orangutans and how they are almost extinct. He told us that orangutans and people are very similar and that we share 97% of our DNA. Some of the stories he shared were funny and showed us that orangutans are very clever. One story was about Princess who learned how to speak using sign language, taught herself how to steal a canoe and row to find food and would trick people to steal their bag and destroy everything in it and eat all the food. Mr Waterer’s main message to everyone was to try to help save the orangutans, and even just telling people about them can help.

“I felt sad finding out about orangutans being almost extinct and that my children will never be able to see them.” Byron S

“I learned that orangutans are so strong they can lift you and throw you across the classroom!” Azanii D

“I felt sad because orangutans aren’t the only animals whose habitat is being destroyed.” Tyler S

“I learned that people are the 5th ape.” Jessica M

“I felt sad because by the time my children grow up they will only hear about orangutans being extinct and other animals being destroyed.” Emily A

“ I learned that there is an orangutan who can pick a lock in 15 seconds.” Seth Devlin

“Orangutans, humans, chipanzees and gorillas are all apes and chimpanzees and humans are the only ones that kill other animals for no reason.” Makiah H

“I thought it was funny that orangutans are so big and strong.” Mitch H

“ Mr Waterer’s presentation was very interesting and educating.” Fergus F

“ I think Mr Waterer’s presentation was interesting and I got to learn lots of stuff. Even though I already knew a lot he added more information and explained some things in a new way.” Chloe S

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