Huge sale for deforestAction

week 7, term 2, 2011

This Saturday morning from 8 – 12 students with the help of Mr Lawson, Mr King and Mrs Ashworth and others put together a monster garage sale to raise funds for deforestaction and to support Waggrakine Primary and our partner Action Agent from Ghana, Benjamin Nobi’s goals to raise $5000 and have 500 people pledge their support. We had a great morning with a steady flow of community members very willing to join the cause and support us. Thanks to all who came and to those who happily threw in a couple more dollars to help us buy back the rainforest! We raised a whopping $1267.00. Remember to help or make a private tax deductable donation direct to the cause you can go to Ben’s site (which is linked through to Waggrakine School’s site at or the school site

We took some quick snaps using the free ‘Photosynth’ app for the iphone to picture the moment! The app links all the photos together helping to take a comprehensive panorama of the scene.

Many of the students and parents came to help out or buy, some students stayed for the whole morning to help which was great. Students helping were very proactive in using the new say no to palm oil cards made by Mrs Moses and TA14, so everyone who came were also eagerly told about deforestAction before they got 3 foot from their car!  Stay tuned as Mrs Moses and others are busy planning for the deforestAction Disco in two weeks!

Our funds  will support the reforestation and protection of a new area of degraded rainforest Willie Smits has secured from the Bupati of Sintang, West Kalimantan for DeforestAction. The funding will be used to secure and sustain the land in partnership with the local community for 99 years, the length of the land use agreement. We’ll receive a certificate with the coordinates of the land we’re preserving. Students will have the technologies at school and home to be able to monitor our land and report illegal logging.

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