Indonesia – Australia BRIDGE kicks off

week 3, term 2, 2011

After a day visit to Silverton staff were fully charged and ready to put their energy into meeting our Indonesian sister school teachers, Ibu Mina and Ibu Anah. The program allowed staff to develop new ties with staff in SDN4 Cilegon, Banten, West Java.

The four days of learning together covered protocols and communication technologies for ongoing relationships, cultural understandings between religions and cultures and activities and planning for a new relationship between schools.

Here team Waggrakine set out to explore the Australian culture on offer in Melbourne.

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2 Responses to Indonesia – Australia BRIDGE kicks off

  1. Lorraine Ellis says:

    Hi Lis
    This is just fantastic what Waggrakine is achieving this year. I can’t wait to show the Year 9 students at Newton Moore who started the DeforestAction at the same time you did. Your blog is very impressive, congratulations!

    • waggy says:

      Thanks Lorraine, yes full steam ahead here but I think full steam ahead with you guys too? You also had BRIDGE very exciting.

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