Benjamin joins the deforestACTION cause

week 3, term 2, 2011

Today we were linked up to Benjamin Nobi from Ghana. Ben is one of the possible action agents bound for Borneo but he needs our help!!!

The funds we are raising through the deforestACTION project are being spent on buying back land in Borneo to reforest Borneo for the orangutans and provide sustainable work for the community. This can be achieved through the deforestACTION project, with YOUR help. If we help Ben raise $5000 and get 500 supporters to the cause he will be chosen. Ben is from Ghana so it is exciting in itself to have a new colleague in our growing global school community.

So here’s how we can help. Going to his link you can have friends sign up as supporters, family members etc this does not cost anything other than to show your support. If your connections have an income they might like to buy some land. Here’s the web site Please if you can’t afford to donate funds please sign in as his supporter and find a few friends too.

5 sq. meters ($10)
10 sq. meters ($20)
25 sq. meters ($50)
50 sq. meters ($100)

What it’s all about? Check out these videos to remind you why we are focused on this project and why we need to act now.

An urgent call to action from Dr Willie Smits

YouTube – Orangutan orphan stories – Apes in Danger – BBC wildlife

YouTube – cute orangutan baby’s

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