Ruthie makes her mark

week 2, term 2, 2011

During the Christmas Holidays Waggrakine Primary School adopted baby Ruthie through Orangutan Outreach. See our website for a picture of Ruthie.

Sadly, Ruthie is an orangutan with “issues”. After her mother was killed, Ruthie was kept as a pet and ill-treated, leaving her physically and emotionally scarred.

Ruthie had also been poorly fed, so she was very underweight when she arrived at Nyaru Menteng. If this wasn’t enough, she was expelled from Forest School because she started biting her classmates!

Fortunately, Ruthie has started eating well; having an appropriate diet has definitely improved her mood and helped her recover from an infection. Hopefully she might soon get the all clear to return to forest school.

Good news though some months later ruthie is doing well and now in class 5 at forest school. The Waggrakine stduents love to hear about Ruthie and how she is progressing. even our P/1 students are acutely aware of Ruthie and her other orphaned friends. Please help their cause go to

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