Bridging the divide

Week 9, Term 1, 2011

“Globalisation and the continual evolution of communication technologies have created opportunities for Australians to participate in a global marketplace and join an increasingly global workforce.”

This week we were selected among 20 Australian schools selected in the 2011  cohort of the Australian—Indonesian BRIDGE (Building Relationships through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement) Project is a new initiative of the Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) and the Australian Education Foundation, funded by The Myer Foundation. The program aims to increase Australian students’ knowledge and understanding of Indonesia, particularly the role of Islam in contemporary Indonesian society and further Indonesian students’ knowledge and understanding of contemporary Australia.

As part of the project two Indonesian teachers are sponsored to spend two weeks at our school in weeks 4 and 5 next term. This will greatly enhance our Indonesian program and begin the development of relationships between the two schools. Four Waggrakine staff will attend an initial professional development with the Indonesian teachers in week 3, Term2. This PD has a focus on the use of ICT to allow an ongoing communication between the two schools over the following years.


This is in addition to our Bali sister school program who we continue to raise funds for throughout the year. See our web site for more details on our sister school.

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