2011 head on

Weeks 1-4, term 1, 2011

Well the year has begun like all school years, at record pace, with new staff, new students, new families, new budgets, new challenges and new ideas! But all is good and we have already implemented some new toys and new leadership opportunities.

In week one we updated computers and also added another 10 notebooks to our repertoire. Our three year 6/7 classes, taught by Katie, Kellie and Jared have 10 notebooks each and 8-10 older desktops each allowing them to continue to maximise student use of ICT. Shared planning and curriculum opportunities also allow them to be one-to-one at any time. This week new notebooks will also be put into the middle primary clusters to enhance their use of ICT and enable greater group work opportunities.

Peer Coaching training

In week 4 Jared began the first of 8 days Peer Coaching with one participant from each of the 9 Geraldton Schools. It was a great day with very positive feedback. Principals or deputies also came along to the introduction to ensure a whole school approach and commitment would be developed at the school levels. The only negative was we forgot to take any photos! So stay tuned for day two in week 10.

In the holidays we ordered Bee Bots and Easi Speaks which have been a hit with students and staff alike! I’ve borrowed this description of Bee Bots from the http://learningplace.com.au

Bee-Bots are programmable floor robots that have been purpose-built for use with Early Phase and Primary students.    Their features include:

  • Sounds and flashing eyes that let students know that their instructions have been entered;
  • The ability to remember up to 40 instructions / steps entered by students;
  • The ability to move accurately in 15cm steps and to turn in 90° increments;
  • Bright buttons for the students to use to input instructions;
  • A friendly and happy design that appeals to young learners (and teachers)

We also bought Easi Speaks which are also a great addition to all the classes allowing for easy recording and play back of oral language. But more about them in action next week.

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