Setting SMART goals

Week 3-4, term4, 2010

Paula’s TA9 Classes DeforestACTION goal

TA 9 work have brainstormed their directions for helping out our SHOUT deforestACTION goals. The class is very focused on their goal and the students have a real passion to make sure they can help make a difference. All students have been learning about SMART goals and developing an awareness of how goals need to be:

Realistic and

Palm Oil Free Raffle
*    Donations of prizes that do not have palm oil.
*    Let people know what products don’t have palm oil (awareness)
*    Sell tickets at recess and lunch
*    Draw the raffle on Orange for Orangutans Day

Orange for Orangutan Day
*    Friday December 10 (proposed date)
*    To raise money to go towards our school goal of raising $1,000 by June 2011.
*    Wear Orange clothes (like free dress) for a gold coin donation. Make and sell ribbons and badges for people who don’t have orange clothes. The badges and ribbons will not cost more than $2.00 each, depending on how much it is to make them.
*    We will draw the raffle on Orange for Orangutans Day.

Awareness Ideas
*    Make awareness signs to put up around Geraldton and Waggrakine
*    Design a Palm Oil Free Product logo and approach Sunset IGA for us to put the signs around the store with products that are palm oil free.
*    Make a Waggy News/awareness video or infomation video targeted at school students to put on YouTube.
*    Do a petition
*    Approach WIN or GWN to help us produce a TV ad about Deforestaction.
*    Palm oil free canteen

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