Shouting about Orangutans

Week 2, term 4, 2010


Check out last week’s WaggyTV episode. TA 6 were very busy and eager to share the news that their teacher, Ms Hunter  is one of ten state finalists for the Beginning Teacher of the Year. Check it out for more details. or just search for waggytv in youtube!


This week up to 30 students from Kellie, Paula, Helen, Howard and Jared’s classes participated in another SHOUT video conference with Mandeep in Kellie’s classroom. At the meeting we shared our goals with the other schools involved from Australia. The group set goals for the school and now have to take their homework back to their classes to extend the program with the whole class.

Our goals are:

  • By the end of term 4, 2010 each of the year 4-6 classes will each have developed one strategy to raise awareness of the plight of the orangutans to the class, school community and broader Geraldton community and beyond.
  • By the end of term 2, 2011, the school will have raised $1000 to contribute to the deforestACTION’s financial goals of $100 000.

If you want to help you can donate funds to the school and we will make sure it goes to the deforestACTION group. Also to learn more and see what we are doing go to the deforestACTION web site at TAking IT Global





TA 6 students at work and setting up the live meeting with Mandeep in London.

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