waggytv spreads the word

Week 8, term 3, 2010

Waggytv is starting to take shape as more of the year 6 & 7 students are learning to script, write, present, film, edit and produce the news.  I hope you can take the time to check out the kids work on youtube on our waggytv channel.


Cyber Cafe and Peer Tutoring planning
We have had interest and requests to run more cyber cafes for staff from other schools and will put these into place in term 4. we have had some staff already attending the cyber cafes. Jared is going will in the tutoring and in 2011 we will be offering a Peer Coaching program throughout the year with the Geraldton schools Network. Changes to the western Education department were announced this week, they include the strengthening of the school networks, of which the Geraldton Cluster has always been strong.

We had a meeting with Mandeep last week via live meeting and many of the year 4-7 classes are full steam ahead with the SHOUT project. I frequently have parents mention to me of late about not being able to eat Tim Tam’s or peanut butter or something the household previously loved because the products have palm oil. Parents remark now when they are shopping that their older children read the labels on everything. Even though Australian laws don’t define what type of oil makes up the ‘vegetable oil’ our students have worked it out, with the help of our Year 4 teacher Paula, based on the saturated fats! It’s great that our children have taken in the message about ‘deforestaction’ so seriously. I will add some of the student work to the blog very soon.

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