Carnival time

Week 6 and 7, term 3, 2010

This week we have had the auditor, sports carnival, the Geraldton Maths Strategy PD and book Week. So the focus has been on photographing the many sporting events. Paula, Jared and Kellie have begun their work with SHOUT, more about this later.

What’s been happening in the 4/5 classroom?

Term 3 is flying by. Students have been completing their Marvin animations from last term and I have started uploading these to YouTube and linking them to our class website. It will be terrific when they are all completed. We are also stating our journey with the DeforestAction project. Students are now in the process of signing up to TIG and joining our online classroom. They are all really excited about being involved in this terrific global based project.

What’s been happening outside of the classroom?

This term I have been working with three different staff members as a peer coach. This is on the back of completing the Microsoft accredited peer coaching course in Adelaide. The coaching experience in each case is quite different as my colleagues and I work together to problem solve and think about teaching and learning for their students. It is proving to be an incredibly rewarding experience. The challenge for me is to ensure that the process continues to remain purposeful and worthwhile for all parties involved.

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