Focused on goals

Weeks 1-2, Term 3

WaggyTV starts up
The first two weeks started well at Waggrakine. After making our video for Microsoft kids were really engaged in video production so we kept rolling with it and started ‘waggytv’. This is engaging art through the need of a logo, music through the need of a theme song, loads of writing, speaking and listening skills as kids madly write scripts and interview others and of course loads of technology. Look us up on ‘waggytv’ on youtube.  So far we have made prototypes of programs but hope to start getting the getting them online in a couple of weeks. Students are loving writing scripts, filming, interviewing, planning, developing theme songs, logos and learning how to edit.  Thanks so much to all the staff, stduents and parents who got so behind the making of the video, making it a whole school project and goal. A movie maker staff PD has been planned as of course the students understandings of technologies take over!

Staff have been busy on wikis and utilising new software purchased these holidays. Classrooms now have a document camera which make for an array of extended learning activities using the data projectors. Autocollage has been popular this term as students and staff prepare documents, update wikis and blogs and we plan for a major upgrade of our web site to be done later this term.

In Kellie’s class students have been giving great feedback about their learning journey with Marvin and the changes to the learning environments:

  • “We have been
    learning from each other, from tutorials and by playing around with the
    program, I have never learnt to do something from a kid. Grown ups usually tell
    us what to do, so it is something new for me.”
    Milli – Year 6
  • “When you’re working by yourself it is very hard and difficult but
    when you work in groups you get more help because you talk about and come up
    with better ideas.”
    Ethan – Year 7 (A previously highly disengaged
  • “I enjoyed making our Marvin characters
    talk and adding our voices into the projects. It’s so much fun seeing our work
    come to life”.
    Laura – Year 6
  • “I have really, really enjoyed using
    Marvin. This is a very different way of learning. I have learnt to use skills
    like co‐operation, tolerance and acceptance. And how to write a storyboard and
    script and use problem solving methods.”
    Reuben – Year 6

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