Reinvigorating a new term

Week 1 PD Day Term 3 2010

Geraldton Combined Schools PD Day

Once a year the 20 Geraldton schools in the Mid West District get together to share ideas and resources, to develop and improve networks and to raise awareness of the importance of fostering professional learning communities. This year we had 500 participants, 40 people running 20 trade fair stalls including the union, professional organisations (MAWA), educational and ICT suppliers and over 40 presenters.

My role as key organiser of the day is to facilitate a committee of school leaders to arrange presenters and ensure the day meets our goals. This year, I once again was presenting as well as running the day! Although I usually always present in literacy and linguistics areas, this year I felt ready and certainly well read over two week break to talk about 21st century schools, and what this means for us and our students. Drawing on the research from Microsoft, CISCO, MCEETYA, the Melbourne Declaration, EQs great resources, Taking IT Global, BECTA, Bruce Dixon, Sir Ken Robinson and more I focused on the big picture and the need to invest heavily on developing a culture of whole school change.

Feedback today from one of the principals whose staff attended my session stated: Had great feedback on your session today from my staff who attended your session, they are very keen to have you come over here to repeat the session. They loved it. Will you come over here this term to present a session? They loved the big picture of what the new learner is and the 21C focus.

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