Engaging and Sharing

Week 9, term 2, 2010

Whole School
Updating the web site
We are looking at updating our web site so if anyone can give us any advice here it would be much appreciated. Especially in regard to hosting as we are keen to do much of the site itself ourselves.

Getting the case study up
Thanks to Kellie for a great job on the case study. It is great to read all the schools’ case studies and see how schools are using the different programs, everyone has been very busy!

Upgrading permissions
Last week we worked with central office to upgrade our permissions forms. We realised we only really had permissions for students still images and new forms will allow us to use student work and video images on the net. As we increase our use of the internet more classes are engaged in filming and experiencing digital learning.

Staff Wiki
This week we made a whole staff private wiki that allows us to transfer many of our regular communications via email onto a more versatile wiki format. Staff are keen to share and add to the wiki and develop regular sharing and communication through this site.

Autocollage allowed us to create a new header for this site.

Leading 21st Century Schools: Engage with Asia
This week Kathy (Yr 3 teacher), Sara (Art specialist) and myself had our final sharing meeting with our fellow schools in the leading 21st century schools: Engage with Asia. We were able to share not only how we had increased Asian literacy within the classrooms and across the school but also provided some leadership in how this was achieved through the digital lens, engaging students all the more in the process.

  • All classes have heavily relied on the internet to research and investigate Japan, using Microsoft powerpoint and word as their main source of recording and presenting information.
  • Jared’s class performed a fantastic assembly performance of Kung Fu Panda dance which they have filmed and should soon be on the net. Jared’s class are also using Marvin to present their final findings about china. Helen’s Year 5/6 class are working alongside Jared’s to study China and learn about Marvin also.
  • All classes were engaged in singing a rhyme or poem that the year 6/7 students filmed and are working with our friend Daniel (a trainee teacher) to edit the video for our Bali sister school we have adopted.
  • below are photos of our sister school SD4 pelaga. The photos show the multi purpose court being built from funding from a retired teacher in Mt Hawthorn, WA.

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