Maintaining the momentum

Week 7 – 8, term 2, 2010

Whole school
Reporting time is always hectic as staff are deeply engaged in moderation and judgements about student learning. Jared, Kellie and I spent time looking at the expectations of the Peer Coaching and put aside time to involve the deputies and others in planning how we would like to see Jared’s Coaching skills embedded in both the school based growth and the growth of our fellow schools ….

Cyber cafe
With reports dominating the agenda this fortnight I was expecting to cancel our optional cyber cafe this week as staff are busy with moderating and writing reports. But true to form I was summoned to the library for another cafe with several staff still eager to see what else was on offer!

We looked at Photosynth and the link to Bing Maps and discussed how these could both be integrated into the classroom learning program. There are of course the direct advantages in Society and Environment, Place and Space, inquiry, research and investigation. But how we could use these two programs to embed these technologies into communication tools such as video, power point etc… Need some more investigation there. If anyone has been able to embed a photosynth into a power Point or video we’d love to hear about it.

After this we moved into conversations about web site, blogs and wikis.

Finally we went back to Marvin and talked about how other classes are starting to look at how they can use Marvin.

In the classrooms
This week while the majority of Kellie’s Year 6/7 students were at the netball and football carnival the students remaining joined our TA6 class of Year 6 students to learn Marvin from the expert peers. The photo below shows Chrystal and Olivia showing the Year 6 class the Marvin tutorials on You Tube and spending the day demonstrating how to use Marvin and why they are using it with their peers. The student tutoring was a great success, as the students in Kellie’s class are now quite expert at using Marvin, who this week have been very busy finalising their Marvin videos for their Canadian peers.

Weeks 7&8, Year 4/5

During the past couple of weeks, students in years 4 and 5 have been engaged in the
‘finding out’ and ‘sorting out’ stages of their China inquiry. The inquiry has been
student centred and driven with students exploring different topics according
to their areas of interest. Examples of topics that students are investigating
include; Chinese festivals and celebrations, the Chinese Imperial system,
geographical landmarks and environmental issues facing China. Students
have been using our classroom blogsite as a forum to plan for and guide their
inquiry. Students submitted comments to demonstrate their prior knowledge and
wonderings and then used this information to generate inquiry questions to

Most students have now sorted through their research and have begun to write their
own information report. Once their information reports are complete, they will
use Marvin to present their findings. A few students have begun using Marvin
already and are totally hooked. Everyone else is now working furiously so that
they can begin using Marvin also.

Jared Lawson, Teacher

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