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Weeks 5 – 6, term 2, 2010


Off to Queensland
This year I was privileged to be invited by the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership to be part of their Master Class lecture series. I was invited to speak about ‘Networked Learning Communities’ and after clarifying that we were on a journey and certainly not a lighthouse school I felt comfortable to share our experiences and journey to date. So this week I was packed off to Queensland, a place where I highly value Education Queensland and their resources and directions in ICT. In each Master class one of the three 2010 guest Principals presents alongside facilitator, Professor Mike Gaffney, from the Australian catholic University. Each principal shares a case study of their school’s journey in becoming digitally connected. I discussed the ways in which we network within the school community, within the cluster of schools in Geraldton and the Mid West and through Microsoft’s connections across National and international links to globalise learning opportunities for our children and enrich staff professional learning journeys and networking opportunities.

While in QLD I took some time to take some photos and try out some photosynths. This is the link to the city square in Cairns http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=89f4b2c9-b8c8-442b-9e07-c41d6e4e1aa6. Back home I tried some Sydney Memorial to the lost war ship recently found of the coast of WA.

Lis Turner, Principal

Local networking and sharing our Microsoft experience
Through my involvement in the Geraldton Cluster of Principals we have been asked to share our journey and experiences to date with the local schools. On Thursday 27 May we invited the local cluster of schools to come to a half day session that outlined for neighbouring schools:

  • Initial Microsoft professional learning experiences from May 2009 and key messages for 21st century learning
  • The whole school vision and planning process including curriculum, leadership, professional learning and infrastructure planning
  • key planning and research influences and supports
  • implementations to date in the classrooms and whole school approaches
  • a walk through classrooms and some time in Kellie’s classroom talking to the students working on their Marvin,  ‘Collavorating’ project with their buddy class in Canada with Microsoft Innovative Teacher, Carrie Granberg.
  • An overview from Jared about his class’s journey and the purposeful use of the class web site and blog site to effect meaningful learning experiences for the students.
  • A look through other classes to see different set ups and learning experiences.

The session proved very popular and staff from other school staff stayed on for our after school cyber cafe session. More schools rang the following day to come back out and see what was happening in our classrooms.

Cyber Cafe week 6
Cyber cafe this week was also networking and sharing with school leaders and staff from our Geraldton cluster of schools. We took them through many of the areas we have been looking at ourselves in the classroom with students such as Autocollage, Picassa, Photostory, Marvin, Songsmith, Bing, Photosynth and Kudo. In the classrooms , Year 6/7 This week we have made terrific progress towards completing our first Marvin Collavataring projects.  Students are now very familiar with the basics of
creating a Marvin presentation and have developed a keener understanding of the
benefits of storyboarding and scripting skills. Since students are working in groups of three for their ‘Collavataring projects’ they are now very familiar with the difficulties which can arise when all members of a group do not appreciate a similar ‘vision’ for their projects.
With prompting to review their storyboards however, it became obvious
through the ensuing discussions and editing of previous work, that most students
had gained a new appreciation of the importance of scripting and storyboarding
to develop a common vision and to ensure efficient and goal oriented development
of their projects.  The importance of teamwork, co-operation and ensuring that efforts are goal orientated are more great by-products of this project. Another highlight this week has been the installation of our new broader coverage wireless system.  Though this week has not remained unmarred by the odd hiccup, for the most part both the students and I are very pleased with the greater degree of flexibility and freedom of movement that the new wireless system allows.  Watch this space for future developments.

Kellie Hunter Year 6/7


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