School PD Day Term 2

Getting the ball rolling at Waggrakine

Monday 20 April pupil free PD Day

On the PD day Waggrakine Primary staff met to discuss ICT directions.
First we spent time reviewing and reflecting on a number of documents including :

  1. Department of Education WA – online policy for students
  2. Waggrakine PS Operational Plan and how ICT fits in to the curriculum
  3. MCEETYA ‘Digital education – making change happen’
  4. EQs Smart Classroom document Student ICT Expectations

We then spent the rest of the time exploring the software outlined to us through Microsoft discussing as we went the ways in which these different programs would enhance student learning through creating, inquiry, communication, ethics or operationally. Programs modelled and explored to staff by Lis, Kellie and Jared included:

  • Kudo
  • Marvin
  • Photostory
  • Songsmith
  • Autocollage

We then outlined the Cyber Cafes being offered by the Microsoft team this term.

Cyber Cafes
After hours optional professional learning workshops in weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8 term 2 at 3-4 pm to provide staff with the ongoing support to develop these software with students or into the curriculum in a way that enhances student learning and increases home school relationships…

  • Kudo with Kellie
  • Marvin with Jared
  • Teachers Have Class and Photostory with Lis

Staff then spent the last part of the day in collaborative planning, with like year groups, discussing what their curriculum focus was in English and Society and Environment and how ICT could be used to enhance student learning.

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One Response to School PD Day Term 2

  1. Jared says:

    I thought that this was a productive day and its dividends are becoming obvious even by the end of week one. People seem to be having professional conversations about ICT and are already embracing new programs such as Kodu and Marvin. From my perspective, it seems as though we have begun a new and exciting journey – there\’s no turning back now 🙂

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